Easy, if I enjoyed it I give it a good score, if I didn't I rated it bad. The 10 number rating scale doesn't get used frequently and I seldom see people rating anime they've finished below 6. How much do you weight this in your rating. Welp, thanks for reminding me of short anime because I really forgot about that when I made my post. So much of a show relies on it's ending that to give it a rating without watching the ending seems grossly inappropriate. By giving half or decimal point ratings it makes the score less useful to a new viewer. MyAnimeList is the world's most active online anime and manga database. Read reviews in app Obviously you can't compare old animation with more modern animation due to technology, but other elements are on a more leveled playing field. This anime probably is on par with SAO in terms of mixed reactions. E: Also I like the 4 point system on the 1-10 scale because you can show the list and ratings to everyone and anyone, even people not in anime, can understand what the numbers generally mean without your explanation. Read reviews in app Characters like Ippo Makunouchi from shows like Hajime no Ippo stand out compared to most shonen protagonists today because of the fact that he was a character that started of timid, shy, and lacking self-confidence in his own physical capabilities. Just project the score mal gives you onto your own scale. It's as fun source for anime info from people around the world, sorta like Yahoo answers X10! However, he grew to be an exceptional boxer and gained confidence in his self through his boxing career. And honestly, it doesn't even matter. At the time you reach 20% of the episodes of an anime like Fairy Tail, you probably already like it so much. 20% is low for those types of anime, but it's also too high when it's a long running anime. NSFW filter available. The rating system could probably be adjusted depending on the number of episodes. Anime Schedule. It would only be fair to rate it with today's standards. Update your anime/manga progress. It is not a shame to rate the 70s Little Prince higher than Kino No Tabi ,you know. The modding has ruined the forums and continues to do so. These films range from a comedy about alien overlords taking over Japan, to a romance blooming between a boy and a girl in a bunny costume, to a dramatic body-swapping mystery. But ultimately big collections of ratings like MAL's top anime list are only interesting as an exercise taking a community's temperature, not important. Their votes don't get counted. Do you rate it like it says with 10 being masterpiece 5 being average and 0 being appalling? I have a bunch of 9.5's for example that now have to be either 9 or 10. I'd rate it the same way as I would a 2020 seasonal. I rate 100% the same as i would do shows that come out today. I personally think that min eps makes sense because even though a lot of people are unlikely to finish shit, people are also likely to rate before they've seen enough to truly judge. Looking for information on the current or upcoming anime season? See characters, videos. Why or why not? Even in recent shows I can find concepts that were already done better before, while back then you had stuff like Ashita no Joe, Versailles no Bara, LotGH, Hajime no Ippo and many more which are still unsurpassed till this day. I don't consider the time when it was made. Basically the same as the modern ones. Pretty sure the R2 ending influenced all the 10s its getting. An enigma. Not that the explanation is complicated for an actual 1-10 scale, but is unnecessary. This leads to my next argument. The manga and anime were severely panned by critics all around. so you'd have to at least watch 20 episodes before you rate it. Fairy Tail iirc has 100+ episodes(?) Tropes aren't a bad thing and it bugs me when people treat them like they are. I just see when it was released to get an idea of what was the thing going on during those times and later if the story is good or not. It’s usually only important for: 1. I'd say I would just rate it based on that. if it aged like fine wine then its a plus not a requisite. Internalizing all your experiences and enjoyment/disappointment then abstracting them to a single number seems to entice the mind of the masses and tingles their sensitive spots in the brain. But that probably didn't have any effect to the actual ratings so it is just a visual flaw and not a functional one. But hey. The reason I think 'sequel bounce' might be insoluble is that it is reasonable to rate sequels separately -- sometimes they're better or worse -- and the distinction between 'separate sequel' and 'the second half of the same thing' is super-hazy at best. Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc Instant Watch Options Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! So the upper end of the scale is kinda crowded, and it's hard to make differences between good shows. Do Not Sell My Personal Information See characters, videos. Because I look at peoples anime lists and I see a lot of ratings under 5. The ultimate anime and manga database MyAnimeList allows users to rate every show and collectively determine the top-rated anime movies on this list. Now what about those who dropped it around episode 19? Outstanding to mediocre? It's a mix of context for when it came out and how well it holds up. ... yes it would be worth it to create a myanimelist (MAL) account. Using 20% episodes watched for your rating to count is really too high of a percentage to use especially with long running anime like One Piece, Fairy Tail, Gintama, Case Closed, etc. I think it should be higher. MyAnimeList.net is a property of MyAnimeList Co.,Ltd. I think I'll probably make another list where 5 is literally average at some point, but I honestly prefer the way I do it now. That's one more hour of eating your vomit. I rate older anime exactly the same as newer anime. See your profile and anime stats. Pokémon: Top 10 Fan-Favorite Characters (According To MyAnimeList) Anime with popular mascots are often the series that become the most popular, but Pokémon benefits from its roster of memorable characters. the distinction between 'separate sequel' and 'the second half of the same thing' is super-hazy at best. The thing is though that most shows I watch I would consider to have at least a little bit of positive value (I don't usually watch shows I know are going to be complete shit) which for me means > 5. My rating won't change. Does it really count your ratings? Personally, I think MAL's rating system is good yet flawed. Despite being one of the lowest-rated in vampire anime, there are some people who rate this short highly. See characters, videos. These are actually known as "manga," though many anime series are … I tend to dislike the idea that a story (or story trait) can be "overplayed over time" or lose its value simply based on when it was released. Support MAL Steam Club . Highest-Rated Anime Series on IMDb by smcgann14 | created - 13 Feb 2016 | updated - 01 Mar 2017 | Public Must have 5,000 votes or higher and a score above 7.5 to qualify. Using only the 1 to 5 part of the raiting scale, https://myanimelist.net/clubs.php?cid=79626, Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Part 2. always taking into consideration the time it was released, hence can't be dismissive about what existed back in the day that is not compatible with today's standards. Get recommendations based on your ratings and check related titles you might have missed. If you feel like you're "eating your vomit" watching a show, chances are most people would give it a 1 or something extremely low and drop it, which would skew a lot of shows. We cannot go back in time or emulate what it was like back then, or compartmentalize the decades of anime to accurately represent it's era. Your opinion won't change it. Let's face it, even if someone supposedly watched 100% of an anime there is no way to check that. If the themes and characters are now overdone and cliche, then they probably weren't that original to begin with. Advertising We had fun. I'd think having a 0.5 or 0.1 accuracy would be helpful because the only usable range for the majority of users is 6 - 10. I think the anime's rating will go rise in numbers once it finishes airing if those that rated it with low numbers drop it. I rate them based purely on enojyment, just like any other anime. If you drop the percentage then shows which have a slower/worse first few episodes, but make up for it in the back half are at a disadvantage. This is one of the flaws of the rating system. Hate. It would also be pretty hard to find shows like that as people rarely talk about random shitty shows for no reason and if I managed to find garbage like that, I'd probably drop it in an episode and not even put it in my mal. Sometimes the older anime is still superior or at least on par, but sometimes it's inferior and I feel like some newer anime already did it better. Can you provide examples? I don't like MAL's rating system, largely because I consider my 10/10s to be my current absolute favorite shows and 1/10 is the worst show I've ever seen. I agree with your whole point that shows that are bad get a very large boost because of people giving it a bad rating and dropping it, but I don't think you can truly give a thorough and critical rating until you've seen the whole show. (Anime is often incorrectly used to refer to Japanese comic books as well. Browse the highest-ranked anime on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. Do you think watching 20% of the anime for your rating to count is good? 2. You'll need to watch 2.4 rounded to 2 episodes for a 12-episode anime and 4.8 rounded to 5 episodes for a 24-episode anime. I think they should either just come up with a definitive number like 4 episodes in is when scores count or replace it with 20% up until 12 episodes which is the upper limit. I don’t really see why anyone would rate old and new anime differently unless talking about the production. This leads to overly high ratings with some anime with mixed reactions, ala John Cena of wrestling: Fairy Tail. These scores are then aggregated to give each show in the database a rank from best to worst. NSFW filter available. At the time you reach 20% of the episodes of an anime like Fairy Tail, you probably already like it so much. This means that my most given ratings are 6s and 7s even though technically that should be a 5. I feel they peaked with Mikimoto and Sadamoto. Hey there, let's discuss MAL's rating system here. I’m pretty new to anime and MAL and I’m kind of confused about the rating system. ©2021 All Rights Reserved. About Life goes on. Privacy It is currently the lowest-rated harem anime on MyAnimeList with a rating of 4.42 based on 12,716 users' scores. Anyone can join and invite others to join. same as I rate anything, enjoyment plus production values plus originality plus how it compares to other works of the same genre. These are anime TV show that is listed as top on MyAnimeList.net by anime fans. suicide | ... and some people also have a different idea of what rates are for them. And productionwise I don't think they were inferior, quite the opposite, older styles are often really charming. One Piece episode 914 & 915 were a mistake. Only the hardcore would waste their time even trying out / even bother rating anime that has been rated 5 - 1. It's just not worth the effort IMO. It's not their fault that a show can't hook you within the first or second episode. One Piece is still airing and the total episode count is unknown, so right now every rating counts. became really overplayed over time to the point that if that anime would come out today, it would be considered a mediocre show at best? I really want this but apparently, the site's owners think this type of feature suggestion will cause problems by people who want more and more precision which I don't really agree with. Anime Schedule. ... RELATED: Ash Ketchum's Strongest Pokémon In The Original Anime, Ranked By Win Rate. Obviously you can't compare old animation with more modern animation due to technology, but other elements are on a more leveled playing field. This means that a 5/10 will not be average but instead something that is halfway between the two according to my system. Animation, artstyle and OST are the least important aspects in my book, so the fact that they are less good in the older ones doesn't change a thing for me. Notice at Collection When it comes to me rating how good an old anime is, it depends on whether or not it can stand up against the most popular traits in anime today, such as a character's personality. How I rate? It's always the plot and character interactions that I rate, regardless of the year of release. Metaphor means watching an anime you consider to be shit just to be able to make your rating count. MyAnimeList . In the end, each way has it's pros and cons, and it's not exactly clear which way is going to give the most "accurate" results. When I rate an older anime, the only thing I do is turn a blind eye to things like animation and sound quality. I have watched about 30 anime between 10 & 25 episodes. When you finish a show, the hardest part comes down to "What should I rate it? Hmm, I agree with what you said. At least 25%, because if you drop a show at episode 1-3 (for one cour shows) you often can't accurately judge it. For seasonal anime, it definitely needs to be higher. The 100 Best Anime From Myanimelist.net show list info. Rate my list in anime and give me some recommendations Hey I’ve recently went over my list and changed some of my scores so I’m curious to what you’ll rate my taste so here’s my mal 5 Track yout anime/manga progress. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. How good it would be today. so you'd have to at least watch 20 episodes before you rate it. Same standard for all anime. Browse Top anime/manga, Seasonal, Currently airing and more! I'm the type of guy who will rate cardboard cutouts on a stick with a 10/10 if the story justifies it. Bragging rights (for studios who create the anime). RELATED: 10 Best Supernatural Anime, Ranked According To MyAnimeList Of the 901 users who scored this short, the overall rating is a 5.42. Sitemap. Explore myanimelist search your favorite manga/anime. What do you think of MAL's 10 number rating scale? From ghosts to mystical creatures, here are 10 of the best supernatural manga, according to MyAnimeList. I mean, even Ashita no Joe or Lupin that are from the 70's have troupes that still are used today, so 80's, 90's and 2000's can be called generic without any guilt. Update your anime/manga progress. Besides, if it stands the test of time, that's how classics are recognized. I'm pretty sure lots of anime ratings would go down if the minimum episodes you need to watch gets lessened. and think of how well it does during its time of release to other shows, and whether or not it has aged well since then. No, that'd make the problem even worse. So basically I just focus on what I think about anime when I'm watching it right now, not trying to imagine how it'd feel like if I watched it for example 30 years ago. I would ignore all the shows that came after it (because of overused tropes, etc.) It shouldn't really be a flaw because ratings are relative anyways. They probably won't drop it and watch it since they already finished the prequel so I'm talking about those who rated it even though they didn't watch it. See your profile and anime stats. The most popular character traits you see in shonen anime today are boisterous, energetic, and goal-driven protagonists. I wish they would allow decimal places in the score, but it's good enough. To elaborate, how do you rate old anime (80's, 90's, early 2000's) that was very original or outstanding when it came out but its tropes/story/plot point/character archetypes etc. Anime can refer either to animated films or TV series, furthering the confusion. "I should reward myself by giving it a 10 / 1 / 5". But if I watch something older and think "I've already seen this in some new shows" then it all depends on the execution. Honestly, rating anime (and stuffs in general) felt quite a bit like putting a book-end-thingy. So you can't really ask someone else to rate your anime tastes)) 2020-06-19 16:42 #82. People have been writing stories fo rmillennia, no excuse for poor ones. Explore myanimelist search your favorite manga/anime. I rate based only on personal enjoyment, so the age of an anime isn't really a factor for me. Or in extremely rare cases a worthy successor. I prefer 100 rating scales, too many of my shows are definitively better than others in the same score bracket. Now what about those who dropped it around episode 19? Like any other show? Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! People who wanna use “ratings” as an excuse to argue that “THIS anime is better than THAT anime”. There is no perfect solution and MAL ratings will never be more than a rough estimate of what most people like. became really overplayed over time to the point that if that anime would come out today, it would be considered a mediocre show at best? So you have a scale within a scale. And all that left was only sound and fury of the past. (Who the hell wants 2 decimal places of precision anyways?). Storylines like this is something you don't see in most shonen anime today because of the fact that the male protagonists always start off with a goal to strive for in the very beginning. I gave School Days 8/10 while Amagi a flat 5. MyAnimeList allows users to score the anime and manga on their list on a scale from 1 to 10. The logical fallacy that construct such reasoning itself. Anime Schedule. It could rise up to 8.4x-8.5x depending on the number of excluded ratings. For example, a long running series with over 100 episodes could have the minimum watched episodes lowered to 5-10% and a short running series with around 1-3 episodes should be watched at least with 2 episodes before your rating counts. how do you rate old anime (80's, 90's, early 2000's) that was very original or outstanding when it came out but its tropes/story/plot point/character archetypes etc. But if a show is done well age is less of a factor as far as enjoyment is concerned. I haven't watched that many old anime, but plotwise, I haven't seen an anime from the previous century than can compare to a modern anime. People wonders. Explore myanimelist search your favorite manga/anime. I checked Fairy Tail (2014) out for a bit and I've been seeing a lot of 5's and 4's being thrown around so I'm quite confused on how Fairy Tail (2014) got a 8.3x rating. That's a pretty huge increase right? To be honest the biggest problem I see with the way things are rated on MAL -- and it might be an insoluble one -- isn't the proportion you need to see to have your rating 'count' but the phenomenon where sequels have substantially inflated ratings because most of the people who watch and rate them are people who bought into the show in the first place. The 1/5 rule only applies to shows that have finished airing. Mostly just with the same standards as modern anime, but when it comes to animation and production values I'll be a bit more forgiving. What's more, animation quality is not high on my list of criteria, story and characters are. NSFW filter available. What do you guys think of the rating system? The system is obviously flawed and favors long shows, but removing or lowering it would make it even worse for seasonal anime. I'm not saying MAL should drop the minimum episodes watched into 0%, I'm saying it should at least be lowered to around 10%. If it holds up, it holds up. How do you rate your watched anime? For longer shows like One Piece sure, 20% becomes something like 100+ episodes, but if you're watching 100 chances are you probably are going to watch it all by that point. To demonstrate to producers what we like so they'll make more of it. My ratings for a lot of my favorite shows would be lower had I not seen the ending. Wait, before you say "then those who dropped it at episode 1 would make the anime's ratings too low", please don't. RATE MYANIMELIST. If the original series from the 80s,90s and so on, was made adequately. I hold them to the exact same standards as new anime. If you use the 4 star system and it worked out effectively then awesome. This is a public club. ", Alot of people just rate it off of the common 1 being a sour flavor of bullshit, while 10, in their opinion, is the greatest thing to have ever been thought up while on questionable narcotics. if not, oh well. VIEW ALL. I don't understand the question. Browse Top anime/manga, Seasonal, Currently airing and more! If a show did not age well its just a bad show. anime.plus is an extension of your myanimelist.net profile, showing you various stats about your anime and manga. Its a clear 4 point scale for a majority of users. Normally, seasonal anime have 12 or 24 episodes. 144,668 users listed the anime as 'watching' as of Monday. Should it be lowered or is it fine as is? The distinction for me is usually whether or not the first half/season was written with the knowledge that there would be a second. The lowest-rated anime on MyAnimeList, the worst fruit in this bag of rotten apples, featuring every bad idea ever incorporated into anime and combining it to deliver an experience that is simply too overwhelming to explain in words is Abunai Sisters: Koko & Mika. Especially character designs. A two-episode OVA, each episode of Eiken is 30 minutes, using elements of comedy, ecchi, harem, and school anime. There's no way to even tell that someone watched any of the show, so I think this is the best were gonna get. Track yout anime/manga progress. Cookie RELATED: 10 Worst Supernatural Anime, Ranked According To MyAnimeList. Then every other anime copying its formula, will either be mediocre. A show's rank is calculated twice a day using the following formula: R=vS+mCv+m{\displaystyle R={\frac {vS+mC}{v+m}}} Little did they know, all this is nurturing a masochistic tendencies towards the reason behind those numbers. FAQ In the second case, I probably won't enjoy the old one very much and I won't be giving it any extra points jus for being old (that's why I dropped Slam Dunk). Well that depends, most of the older anime I loved still seem very original for me and they're nothing like any other shows that came after them (for example Ashita no Joe, Cowboy Bebop, Perfect Blue, Macross, Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu etc). 2 episodes is fine, but with a 24-episode anime it already rose up by 3. Why should we tolerate garbage writing? Yes, I know that finishing shit anime is bad, but there are a lot of people like me who finish shit anime just for the heck of it. on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Otherwise I rate it completely the same way based on how I enjoyed the show. Read reviews in app 3. 10 Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun - 8.63 I understand your reasons, but I personally don't even think you should be able to truly score a show until you've watched the whole thing. This is a club where the people from MyAnimeList can gather and share their gaming experience. Bad, gives shows like Gintama a huge unfair boost, you have to watch 50+ shows of Gintama to give it a score, if you're going to watch 50 shows of something, you've got to enjoy it, so only the good ratings count. I use every rating, though, so the scale just needs a bit more precision and it's perfect enough :). … Track yout anime/manga progress. In a reply to the post, MyAnimeList noted that spam accounts are counted in the ranking, but that Attack on … Terms MAL Forum - Games Discussion . Raising the percentage higher would only lead to more inaccurate ratings for longer running anime. Honestly 20% feels kind of short. Based on enjoyment like modern anime. It's otherwise fine, but I could do with .5 ratings since I watch a lot more good shows that I watch bad ones. Update your anime/manga progress. Club details, pictures, comments and club discussions can be viewed by any user, regardless of whether they are a member of the club or not. I don't go to that list to have my opinions validated or to find new things to watch. NEXT: Best Harem Anime (According to MyAnimeList) And /r/MyAnimeList is its … (Topic ID: 1842781) Obviously you can't compare old animation with more modern animation due to technology. And then, God missed a step of his stairs. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, http://myanimelist.net/animelist/Porkinson, http://myanimelist.net/animelist/Hexcellion, http://myanimelist.net/animelist/semajdraehs, http://myanimelist.net/animelist/Serious_Business, http://myanimelist.net/animelist/Termiinal, http://myanimelist.net/profile/7TeenWriters. Oh yeah, it's a sequel, forgot about that. Privacy Settings More slack will be given to animation/art style (while it isn't that old, clannad's art style is godawful but that's not even remotely the biggest problem with the series, for instance, and it counts almost nothing to the final score) but if characters/story suck balls (or a lame trope is repeated ad nauseam) then they suck, no slack given there. No. Press Room Right now the top 100 anime is full of shows between 8.xx to 8.xx. Your argument is fine and valid, but it doesn't work as cleanly as that. MyAnimeList has got you covered! I rate things based on my enjoyment of the thing. I'm happy enough with assigning a rating to something for the purposes of my own list, I don't need to know that it 'counts' for the averaged ratings on each anime's page or the general top anime list. See your profile and anime stats. This anime probably is on par with SAO in terms of mixed reactions. 6.4k members in the MyAnimeList community. Unless the anime itself started that idea and popularized it, similar to how Madoka popularized the dark magical girl genre. That's not the point of my original question, whether you like older designs better or not. Meow meow meow meow and meow shogi, meow meow meow meow and meow shogi. On MyAnimeList, there happens to be various supernatural manga that fans have added to their profiles and rated. No matter what you do you can't be representative of everyone and you could make a convincing argument for only calculating ratings that list a show as completed. Brimmed with anger but subdued. For a rating to be any useful everyone has to be on the same page. ... You can rate & review any titile, search voice actors (foriegn & domestic) by name or show. Mostly the same but sometimes a bit higher because I like the look more. My point is that MAL scores shouldn't be taken seriously, reviews are a little more useful, but they have major problems as well. Fairy Tail iirc has 100+ episodes(?) I try to take account for the historical period and the context. When people see out of 10, they just relate that to the percentage/school system because it is the most familiar and that is what they vote by changing actual votes to be out of 4 or 5 wouldn't change much because people would just do the same thing but with less precision. The same as modern anime. Read the topic about How do you rate old anime? I swear I've seen a lot of low reviews for some mainstream airing anime and I'm a bit surprised Fairy Tail has a high rating for something that gets hated a lot more than the normal. Browse Top anime/manga, Seasonal, Currently airing and more! Who cares if it was a novel concept or tropes for the time if it's the worst version of those features? A minimum episode count is unfair. This pretty much, since out of almost 7500 shows rated in mal, 98.3% of them have over 5 points and well, pretty much only 10 animes have over 9 points so there is your scale from 5-9 i guess, Using 20% episodes watched for your rating to count is really too high of a percentage to use especially with long running anime like One Piece [...].